Telluride W.O.W….Weekend of Wellness Health & Fitness Festival

Telluride WOW, 2015 health and wellness event of the year; June 11-14th, 2015.

This summer Telluride WOW; Weekend of Wellness will host a weekend of fun healthy fitness activities; this event is for EVERYONE; an event with a passion to change peoples lives through health and fitness, to Inspire, Educate, and to meet them where they are on their journey to be healthy.

WOW’s bigger picture is to identify and address the social issue of our nation’s depression and obesity problem, reflecting a pattern of behavior being passed down to our children.

The Telluride Wow Festival is a health, fitness and wellness event that brings world-class presenters, instructors and athletes to Telluride to lecture and hold fitness classes on the latest health, fitness, wellness, nutrition and medical trends.

“The intent of Telluride WOW is to bring like-minded people together to experience the love and appreciation of health and  fitness,” said Becca Tudor, founder of Telluride WOW Fitness Festival. “Our goal is to create an unforgettable weekend for people that want to either get started on a new fitness program or advance their skills in a variety of activities.

The Telluride area is known for its scenic beauty and also its recreational offerings. There is something for everyone in Telluride. The river trail weaves through our town and extends east and west for several miles, offering a wonderful walking, biking and trail running experience for all ages and abilities. Festival participants can take advantage of group hiking activities, mountain climbing, road and mountain biking, workshops and seminars in a variety of disciplines. The trails surrounding Telluride are flush with locals and visitors exploring the vast network that connects through the San Juan Mountains. Skiers revel in the amazing trail system of the Telluride Ski Resort. “Living in the mountains we get to take advantage of all the area offers for activities and workouts. There’s no shortage of activities in Telluride. We want people to leave their stressful lives behind and come to Telluride for a weekend with like minded individuals as they enjoy workouts, workshops and lectures by leaders in the health and fitness industry. Not to mention enjoying some of the most amazing scenery found anywhere in the world.”